Moving to the Pacific Northwest

View from the Space Needle
View from the Space Needle

“Are you ready for an adventure?”

That was the text I received from my husband during a break in my Thursday evening master’s degree class. I could barely contain my excitement– I wanted to drive home as fast as possible to find out if he had actually accepted the new position. I could hardly pay attention through the remaining lecture before packing up, driving home and learning that our life was about to change.

After countless discussions, endless pro/con lists and numerous scenario planning sessions, we finally decided we would take the road less traveled and see what adventures lie in store.

Brian accepted a promotion at work and we are relocating to the West Coast– the Greater Seattle area, to be specific!

We haven’t spent much time on the West Coat–a few work trips and one amazing vacation where we drove from San Francisco up through northern California, Oregon and Washington–so I can’t WAIT to explore. And eat seafood. And learn about western Canada. And embrace my inner bohemian. The possibilities are endless!

He started the new job Feb. 2, our house went on the market this morning and my last day at work is April 24. It’s all happening.

What’s made the move even more incredible is the support of all our family and friends, many of whom reside in Ohio. They are already planning trips to our yet-to-be-purchased new home, and they have been every bit as excited as we are about the opportunities for us, both personally and professionally. They are incredible, and I am going to miss them, but we will, of course, be back!

We have lots of decisions and unknowns at this point–where we will live, whether the cat will survive cross-country travel, where I’ll work, when we’ll be home, where he can hunt antelope, when I can finish my master’s degree, etc.

But, as with any good adventure, we will just figure this out as we go along and make a million memories together in the process.

Seattle, Washington–here we come!

12 thoughts on “Moving to the Pacific Northwest

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  10. John Blackford

    Good luck with your new venture I am sure you both will do fine. I can remember when we hauled Darrin off to DC, what a jump from Chatfield Ohio. However it was through Columbus OHIO. He survived very well and it has been good for him and his family.

    Again Good Luck

    Jean and Uncle John

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