Two Years Closer to Becoming a Mossback

As we were getting ready for bed last night, I happened to swipe through my ‘On This Day’ feed in Facebook. I couldn’t believe it when I read the first item that displayed.

Two Years Ago Today: Moved to Everett, Washington

Two. Years. Ago. How is that possible?

When we made the decision to move to Washington for Brian’s job, there were so many things we took under consideration. Leaving all of our friends and family. Giving up my job and suspending my master’s degree studies. Selling our first home. Relocating our cat. Exploring a new state and region of the U.S. Taking a chance that our careers would follow new trajectories.

Two years later, I’m confident we made the right decision. Despite our initial uphill battle with the outrageous housing market, the mind-numbing amount of traffic and lengthy commute, and an ever-increasing disbelief that people choose to spend so much of their time marching, we’ve leaned into new jobs that have turned into interesting journeys in and of themselves, we’ve spent nearly every weekend discovering new places and things to do, and we’ve made a handful of great friends.

Two years later, and I’m also confident we can make this type of decision and move again. As I like to tell my friends (and anyone else who will listen to me), everything is temporary. Each morning we wake up and make choices that impact our journey, and each morning we can wake up and make different choices that send our journey in a new direction.

If the right opportunity presents itself to us again, I know we’re ready for it. Rather than giving into fear or the countless excuses we make for where we sit in life, we will weigh our options, calculate our risk, and then leap.

Two year ago we were lucky to land in one of the most beautiful parts of the U.S. (if you’re into mountains, the ocean, and national parks full of old-growth forests), and we are still uncovering all that Seattle, Washington, and the Pacific Northwest have to offer.

These two years have flown by, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They encompass a great deal of learning—about myself, about Brian, about people and communities with differing ideals, and about the history and geography of this region. They prove that home is where the heart is and that we’re never far from home. They represent our ability to embrace change and thrive outside our comfort zone.

And yet they are only two years in this lifelong journey. I can’t wait to look back ‘On This Day’ years from now. I wonder where life will take us next.

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