The Compass

Our return to the Giant’s Causeway in N. Ireland, 2015

The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only a page.
– St. Augustine

From winning a first-grade award for ‘most books read’ to constructing plans of writing my own novel, I have always been obsessed with the written word.

Reading has served as a most valuable learning platform, shaping my vocabulary and writing skills. It has also always had the power to transport me to a different time and place for as long as my imagination allows me to remain immersed–inspiring my desire to meet the people and visit the destinations outlined in those pages.

What was once a virtual enjoyment has become a passion for traveling and living abroad in reality. What began as words on paper has become more than a decade of travel to more than 30 countries across four continents with tales of the incredible people and cultures that finally existed outside the pages I clutched in my hands.

Reading was and remains my inspiration and escape, but it alone is not enough. I like to experience things first-hand.

I don’t know that I have a travel goal– no real desire to accumulate a certain number of towns, states, countries or continents visited in a certain time frame. I just hope I can always reach deep down, no matter where I am in life, and find that little bug that continuously reminds me that there will always be more places to see, more people to meet and more life to live. In a way I hope I am never content with simply reading about this world–that I always want to experience it for myself. That there is always one more road I need to travel, one more destination I need to explore, and one more story I need to hear and tell.

Once you start reading my story, I hope you won’t be able to put it down.

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