Boeing Tour and the Future of Flight

IMG_1688We moved to the Pacific Northwest for my husband’s job. He’s the North America aerospace account manager for an international company, and they wanted him closer to some of their major aerospace customers who are based out of California, Oregon and Washington.

His largest customer is Boeing, which has several facilities around Washington, among other places.

While he has had the opportunity to call on Boeing and has been taken on several facility/plant tours, I’ve only been able to drive around the “largest building by volume in the world,” imagining what it looks like inside.

I finally had the opportunity to see inside and learn more about Boeing when we took my in-laws to the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour. The 90-minute tour includes:

  • bus rides out and back from the center around the Boeing campus
  • tour guide insights on the facility
  • first-hand look at the production process for the  747, 777 and 787 jets

When we returned we spent time at the center, checking out some engines, interiors and other pieces and parts of the final jets. It was educational, organized and insightful.

I don’t know a lot about jets, and I’m not an aviation buff, but I thought it was really interesting and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area. You learn a lot, and you might even pay closer attention to the plane you’re on the next time you travel!

I couldn’t take pictures on the tour, but here are a few from outside and in the center.







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