Worldy Fare: Try the World Portugal

IMG_20160508_100300560My third Try the World box arrived! After thoroughly enjoying my Holiday box and Thailand box, I was thrilled to open the latest and discover Portugal!

Despite having been to Europe numerous times, I didn’t make it to Portugal until 2014 as part of my birthday trip and goal to visit 30 countries by the time I turned 30.

It was actually my 30th country and as such holds a special place in my mind and heart!

I hadn’t done much research beforehand to know much about Portuguese cuisine– I only knew we needed to drink port, eat sardines and satisfy our sweet tooth with pasteis de nata– the famed custard tarts. We tried all of those things and more and enjoyed incredible food throughout our visit.

Unfortunately my Try the World box does not include an unlimited supply of custard tarts, but it does feature the following:

  • Canned Jack Mackerel
  • Rocha Pear and Port Jam
  • Codfish Seasoning
  • EVOO
  • Crunchy Apple Rings
  • Piri Piri Hot Sauce
  • Apple and Cinnamon Black Tea
  • Lemon Cookies

While I know enough to enjoy the sweets and tea after a meal, and can always use EVOO, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the mackerel, codfish seasoning or Piri Piri sauce. Thankfully my Culture Guide card includes a recipe for Portuguese Bacalhau that incorporates all three!

Once I purchase some codfish and chorizo, I’ll prepare it and report back on the outcome. It sounds delicious!

I love getting these boxes in the mail and so far have been completely surprised by the contents. It’s fun to not only make and enjoy authentic dishes from around the world, but to reminisce about the ones I experienced first hand.

Have you been to Portugal, or do you know of any good Portuguese-inspired restaurants in the Greater Puget Sound region? What’s your favorite dish?







3 thoughts on “Worldy Fare: Try the World Portugal

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  3. Ann Griesbach

    Enjoy your treats, I don’t think I want to try the Jack Mackerel, hope that is not on the menu during my stay at the Griesbach Inn, Lynnwood location ;)

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