Worldly Fare: Try the World Thailand

12768112_10104065809736724_1421815155521615146_oThe second box in my annual subscription to Try the World arrived, and I love it!

This month I received the Thailand box, which includes an awesome assortment of savory, sweet and salty treats.

I haven’t been to Thailand since 2006, but I distinctly remember my food experience while there.

It was the first time I was served fish with the head still in tact. It was the first time I ate deep fried fish pods filled with eggs. It was also the first time I thought I would have a physical reaction to eating one more grain of rice (I love rice, but we ate a LOT of rice). Fond memories!

I love Thai food and can’t wait to try out some of the items and associated recipes. That’s one of the things I really like about Try the World–the information they send along with the items gives great background on where they’re sourced and how to use them in relatively friendly recipes.

Organic jasberry rice, anyone?






My friend Andrew and I at an elephant sanctuary near Chiang Rai, Thailand


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