Worldly Fare: Try the World

IMG_20160106_063648380Right before Christmas I heard about an awesome food subscription service called Try the World.

Much like it sounds, you get boxes of food items throughout the year, and each box is themed around a different country.

In addition to the goodies, you get recipes for using those items in yummy dishes!

It immediately went on my Christmas list and Santa (aka my in-laws) very generously gave it to me as a present!

My first box just arrived, and it’s as amazing as I had hoped. This one is called the ‘holiday box’ so rather than being themed around one country, it includes an assortment of items from various countries.

The packaging is cute, I love the fold-out insert that describes each product and where it’s from, and I can’t wait to try these items! They range from spreads to desserts to tea leaves to olive oil–and everything in between!

As soon as I make a few of the suggested recipes I’ll comment on how it went. In the meantime, I’ll be looking forward to my next box!





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