Worldly Fare: The Irishmen

IMG_1421When we lived in Everett we came across an awesome little Irish pub called the Irishmen.

We went for breakfast once and recently took some of our friends there for a post-holiday brunch.

It was every bit as fun and delicious as our first time, albeit a little less crowded.

We were there on a Sunday right when they opened, and I imagine most people were still enjoying the long holiday weekend from the comfort of their homes.

I like the Irishmen because it reminds me of the pubs in Ireland. While they have a few TVs showing local sporting events, it’s not a sports bar, like most American-Irish pubs. I don’t like sports so I get annoyed when half the place is glued to the game and not interacting with one another.

We had a great time visiting with our friends and catching up on what everyone did during the holidays and any plans made for the New Year.

While the guys ordered Guinness (of course), I tried a Butternut Toddy that was actually pretty good! It was basically a hot toddy but the alcohol substitute was butternut squash-infused. It tasted lightly of squash and was refreshing. I’d never heard of it before, but it was a perfect winter special.

I was not disappointed when I again ordered the Ulster Fry, along with a few others at our table. If there’s a better brunch item I’ve yet to find it. I didn’t come close to finishing it but took the rest home for lunch the next day.

Know of any other great ‘wordly’ brunch locations in the Seattle area?

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