Worldly Fare: Nielsen’s Pastries

IMG_20160529_105817273_HDR_LUCiDOur latest local find for wordly fare was Nielsen’s Pastries, a Danish pastry shop that’s been operating in Lower Queen Anne since 1965.

We were in the neighborhood, ready to spend our day seeing some films at the Seattle International Film Festival but were a bit early to line up for our first show. We hadn’t had breakfast so we decided to check out the pastry shop we saw advertised on the corner of the street as we killed some time.

Nielsen’s was busy with a nice mix of people staying to enjoy their coffee and those grabbing something to go. There were several puppies outside waiting on their humans, peering in.

I loved the vintage art of the Copenhagen tourism posters lining the walls and the old-world feel of the place. The display cases were packed with pastries I couldn’t pronounce, each one looking more delicious than the last!

I ordered a cappuccino and the blueberry/blackberry coffee cake, and Brian had a warm pastry filled with cream cheese, bacon and poblano peppers. Both were very good and we enjoyed people watching from our table for a little while.

If you find yourself wandering around in Lower Queen Anne some morning, I recommend popping in! The Danish pastries are not to be missed!





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