Local Adventures: Worldy Fare

Incredible evening of food and music overlooking Fes

One of the things I love about traveling is trying new food and beverages. While I don’t think it’s the be all, end all of learning about a new culture,  it’s certainly an important part and one I’ve learned to appreciate over the years.

I’ve always been a relatively adventurous eater, but more and more I’m purposeful about trying new things and truly will try anything once.

I loved watching the foodie scene explode in Cleveland when we lived in Northeast Ohio (and loved having friends that were on board with trying each new restaurant that opened!), and now that we’re in a bigger city with a more diverse population and foodie experience, I’m nearly overwhelmed by my list of restaurants, bars, etc. to try.

But we have to start somewhere!

In addition to keeping my excel sheet updated with notes about the places we go (you better believe I have this all organized with a variety of tabs and methods for making notes/reviews, etc.!), I’m going to start reviewing some of the more worldy fare we experience on my blog. My hope is that it will *force* me start checking off some of the places on my list and also give me a place to point friends and family who visit and ask for recommendations.

To kick off this new idea, I’m referring back to some of the amazing worldly or highly localized cuisine we’ve tried while abroad and during other travels– sometimes in our own backyard

I’ll keep the reviews brief but touch on new dishes, restaurants and experiences– so I remember where we’ve been and where we want to visit again. It will also give me a fresh take on posts in 2016.

My spreadsheet is already bursting at the seams, but I’d love to keep adding more to my list! If you’ve got a favorite spot in Seattle, the Greater Puget Sound or anywhere in the surrounding area, please let me know!

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