Tackling the Cleveland Bucket List

In one of my previous posts I mapped out my New Year’s Resolutions because it helped me stay on track last year. Thanks to my master’s degree program, I’ve only been somewhat successful at meeting my goals this first quarter of 2014, but what we have tackled has been fun.

Once a month we try to knock something off the mini list we created from the Cleveland Bucket List. These local adventures each month have been harder to stick to than I imagined, but we did get a couple done:

  • – #4: Take a Tour on the Goodtime III
    #5: See a Movie at Cedar Lee
    – #10: Take a Tour of Gotta Groove Records
    – #23: Eat at Lola
    – #27: See a Show at the Beachland Ballroom
    #44: Catch a Local Comedy Show
    – #45: Try Something New in AsiaTown
    – #52: Go to Big Fun
    – #63: Tour the USS COD
    #69: Eat at Sokolowski’s
    – #73: Drink at the Harbor Inn
    – #98: Eat at Hot Sauce Williams

Sokolowski’s University Inn was amazing and has been on my list for years. The issue is their operating hours are not at all conducive to someone who would have to drive a good hour each way from work to get there for lunch, and Friday/Saturday dinners are usually spoken for in our household.

We finally made it in January because I had a snow day from work (more a “cold” day because there wasn’t a lot of snow, just really cold temperatures). Although cold enough to close a public university, not cold enough to stop me from meeting my husband there for a delicious comfort food lunch. A PERFECT way to combat the cold in my opinion!

February was out of control so we had to knock off two in March to catch back up. We only even managed to cram both of those in the last week of the month because we were busy with St. Patty’s and because I volunteered at the Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) again this year.

The CIFF was actually the ticket for seeing our first movie at Cedar Lee–they showed several films at that theater, and we went to see The Winding Stream on March 26. I also learned that when the CIFF started 38 years ago, the films were ONLY held at Cedar Lee. It’s amazing how much the festival has grown, and I loved that we got to experience a film where it all started. We really liked the theater (hubs appreciated you could buy and take in beer to drink while watching your film), and I actually really enjoyed the film as well, which was about the Carter Family and June Carter Cash.

Our second event was only a couple of days later, heading to Playhouse Square to see Jim Gaffigan with the in-laws and their friends. Although we’re frequently at Playhouse Square, we’ve never seen a comedy show there so that was a new experience. The show was nearly sold out so we all had to sit by ourselves throughout the theater and then reconnect afterward to talk about it–also a first!

We’d still love to catch a more local show at Pickwick & Frolic, but I think we can save that for another time.

Hoping the weather improves so we can keep working our way through our list!

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