Fewer Resolutions, Continued Success in 2014

I completed all of my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve never been able to do that, but I think I made them flexible and reasonable, and I definitely held myself accountable by writing about them here.

Thanks to the diversity of things I chose–many to improve myself, such as enrolling in a master’s degree program, running a 5k and taking part in volunteer opportunities–I felt I gained a lot throughout the year and really grew as a person.

I am still learning lots about myself as a person in 2014 thanks to a little thing called marriage. I consider 2014 the Year of the Wife. I thought I should push myself to tackle some resolutions related to domesticity in honor of that adventure, along with a few that force me to continue taking advantage of local adventures and those that help me broaden my horizons and perspective as a human being.

This year is also my big 3-0 … YIKES! More to come on how we’re planning to celebrate, but I’m definitely trying to make this a year of no regrets and lots of self-improvement/self-awareness.

This year, I’m going for fewer overall resolutions but greater time commitment among those I do pursue.

2014 New Year Resolutions
  • Tackle two ‘things’ from my Pinterest boards each month. This can be cooking a meal, making a house improvement, finishing a post-wedding project, DIYing basically anything, etc. There are so many interesting things out there, and I’m tired of pinning them and forgetting about them. This year, I’m going to try them.
  • Spend one hour a week working through our Rosetta Stone. This is probably going to be the hardest to complete, but my husband was kind enough to buy us the entire German set so I’m going to do it. Plus, this one would definitely improve me in a myriad of ways (e.g. New Study Shows Brain Benefits of Bilingualism) and possibly inspire me in line with my master’s degree emphasis on global communications.
  • Take part in one Cleveland Bucket List local adventure each month. The husband and I each picked six, so here’s what we plan to do:
    – #4: Take a Tour on the Goodtime III
    – #5: See a Movie at Cedar Lee
    – #10: Take a Tour of Gotta Groove Records
    – #23: Eat at Lola
    – #27: See a Show at the Beachland Ballroom
    – #44: Catch a Local Comedy Show
    – #45: Try Something New in AsiaTown
    – #52: Go to Big Fun
    – #63: Tour the USS COD
    – #69: Eat at Sokolowski’s
    – #73: Drink at the Harbor Inn
    – #98: Eat at Hot Sauce Williams

I just realized several of the local adventures have to do with consumption. Looks like I’ll need to pit a couple of resolutions against one another for overall success (e.g. up the Pinterest workouts!)

More time, more of a challenge, but definitely achievable. Here’s to a wonderful 2014!

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