2013 Travel Recap

Each year I try to recap the places I’ve been. I didn’t start my blog until 2009 (years prior to 2009 involved lots of travel so I don’t know how I would have recapped all of that!) and the trips have been reasonable–both domestic and international, and some not so far from home.

Although I call it a travel recap, I think it’s worth noting that it’s also an adventure recap, and that may be a better way to outline it moving forward. I know you don’t have to leave the country to have an adventure–these last couple years of living on a budget while we saved for our wedding taught me that– but I do love traveling with all my heart and it’s fun to reminisce.

And that I have–2013 was a great, wonderful, amazing and incredible year, for travel (seven countries in one year=awesome!) and for the direction of my life moving forward. Thank you for everything, 2013.

January: Old Brooklyn, Ohio


February:  Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Our friends' baby, Nathanial
Our friends’ baby, Nathanial

March: Kent, Ohio


April: Washington, D.C.


May: Millersburg, Ohio


June: France and Switzerland


July: Cleveland, Ohio (West Side)


August: Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio


September: Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Greece


October:  Romania


November: Cleveland, Ohio


December: Akron, Ohio


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