2011 Travel Recap

It seems like the years go faster and faster. Despite my journals, blogs, friends, pictures, scrapbooks and Facebook, I still forget past experiences as new ones constantly seem to take their place.
I started going through a few of the above mentioned items and couldn’t believe the weekend and weeklong trips we were able to squeeze into what ended up being an extremely busy and crazy year. In the midst of starting a new job and buying my first house (with my boyfriend), I also managed to get outside the city, state and country.
Here’s a photo recap of 2011 travels.
January: Germany (with Brian and Katie)
Fussen, Germany

 February: Wausau, Wisconsin (with work)

Wausau, Wisc.
March: Washington, D.C. (with family)
Arlington, Va.
 April: Peninsula, Ohio (with Brian and Katie)
Peninsula, Ohio
 June: Streetsboro, Ohio (with Brian)
Streetsboro, Ohio
 July: Boston, Massachusetts (with Brian)
Boston, Mass.
 September: Cleveland, Ohio (with Brian)
Cleveland, Ohio
 November: Ravenna, Ohio (with Brian)
Ravenna, Ohio


I’m so thankful for the time and resources to keep traveling. While I always want to plan the next adventure, it is good to also take the time to remember all of the places I’ve been.
Looking ahead to 2012, I know more travels and experiences are in store. There will always be one more place to go, one more trip to make, one more experience to be had!

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