Taking Risks, Having Adventures and Making Memories

We don’t have t.v. so I have to keep up with the few programs I enjoy on hulu.com. This means I also get the brief commercials throughout the programs. I do like that I have the opportunity to choose which commercials are of interest to me so it can reorganize and play commercials of relevance– marketing that makes sense.

I was watching a quick episode while I was getting ready this morning and one commercial really caught my attention. I actually looked forward to the next time it played so I could pay more attention. It started off, “People don’t make a list of websites they want to see before they die. They don’t fill photo albums with pictures from an online search…”

The commercial is for a Dodge Journey, but the message to me was much more. You can spend a lot of time dreaming about and planning the things you want to do in life, but the real experiences come from taking the time to actually do them.

Here’s to taking risks, having adventures and making memories.

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