Oh, Canada!

We were hanging out in the kitchen and living room area tonight, and I was leafing through magazines that have been piling up on my coffee table in order to throw out all the ones I didn’t need. I was making my way through the National Geographic Traveler, Conde Nast Traveler, etc. when I came across an article on winter festivals around the world.

I’ve been a bit down and out lately given we are sans travel/vacation plans for the time being and given the memories of last year’s Christmas/New Year’s trip to Germany, which I posted about at the time. I decided to look through the festivals despite knowing I wouldn’t be going to any of them.

As I was reading a few of the impressive ones aloud to Brian, I noticed there was a festival listed for Ontario, Canada. Ontario is large, but our home is only four hours to the border so I began to get excited at the possibility that this particular festival might not be far away, depending on its proximity to the States. I actually started yelling as I read the descriptor for the annual Ice Wine Festival held in Niagara-on-the-Lake, just north of the falls and four and a half hours from our home!

I immediately got online to search for the festival, the dates it runs, cost to attend, general make-up of the event, etc. and became increasingly excited. This was actually possible.

Either he was feeling generous thanks to some holiday spirit/s or he just couldn’t shoot down my excitement; regardless, the boyfriend agreed to the trip! I booked the passes for the tours and set us up for the weekend with the downtown festival and a few other events. He took care of the hotels for nights one and three, and we decided to book one of the ‘rooms above the pub’ for night two.

We should arrive at night, have two full days of festival and then have a leisurely drive home via Niagara Falls and Buffalo. I can’t wait!

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