Bike Trippin’: Coshocton

Despite the inconvenience of having to driving my car an hour and a half to the boyfriend’s house in order to actually get my motorcycle, I love going for bike rides!

We decided our first trek of the season should be a quick day trip, and myself, the boyfriend and his brother headed south for Coshocton, Ohio.

The weather was beautiful; we didn’t even have to wear our over-pants, just jeans and our jackets and other safety ensemble. We stopped at a small diner for breakfast and tried peanut butter pancakes, which were an amazing idea, but poorly executed. They were similar to chocolate chip pancakes but instead of chocolate chips, they had peanut butter chips. I’m going to have to give them a try in my own kitchen sometime.

After breakfast we headed over to the Unusual Junction to look through the aisles of hot sauces, preserves, and more before stopping for a special picture with the original backdrop to The Price is Right! I bought some blueberry hot sauce, but that was about all I could fit in my tank bag.

We’re lucky when we can fit in some day trippin’. Any other unusual spots nearby we should try?

Bike trippin’
Brian and Heather at Unusual Junction
Brian and Mark with the original Price is Right backdrop

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