Things to Do in Jasper, Alberta

IMG_0142_LUCiDWhen we drove the Icefields Parkway, we began our journey at the Crossing Resort and headed north to our turnaround point in Jasper before making our way back to our accommodations for the night.

It wasn’t enough time to get more than a taste of the town, but based on the experiences we did have and the many things to do in the surrounding area, I can see why others take the time to stay in Jasper and make it a focal point of their trip.

Jasper was a fun, walkable town full of restaurants and shops along with a few historical buildings and a robust train station. If you take the popular train ride from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Calgary, you stop at this station along your route.




It began to sprinkle while we were walking around but not enough to impede our exploration.

We made a few loops along the streets and took a few pictures by the visitor’s center and fire station before turning our attention to finding a spot for dinner.




After asking for recommendations at the visitor’s center and checking out multiple menus, we ended up trying a place I had researched in advance called Fiddle River.

We headed up to the second floor of a building with wonderful indoor and outdoor seating and views of the surrounding mountains. The place, service, and food were all amazing! Brian ordered a hunter-style game meatloaf and I had bourbon glazed boar belly & butter prawns. YUM!






We asked our waitress for a dessert recommendation and she said we had to go to Grandma’s— a locally owned and operated ice cream emporium!

Each couple grabbed some scoops to share before our drive back to the Crossing Resort for the night.


If we’d had more time, I would have loved to further explore the city and check out the recommended hikes in the surrounding mountains.

However, I still thought it was absolutely worth visiting Jasper even for a few hours and recommend you add it and the Icefields Parkway to your itinerary. It’s a beautiful drive, you’re likely to see some incredible scenery and wildlife, and you can refresh and refuel in Jasper before heading to the park’s other popular spots. Enjoy!

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