Happy 10th Birthday, Heather’s Compass!

The trip that started it all: Studying abroad in Northern Ireland

I can’t believe it, but Heather’s Compass is officially 10 years old!

Thank you to those of you who subscribed or stumbled upon posts and took time to read about some of the amazing places in the world that I have been lucky enough to explore and experience solo and with family and friends.

Much has changed in 10 years, for better and for worse, but my personal interest and commitment to continuing to learn more about myself and this beautiful world through travel remains the same.

I will try and continue capturing many of our adventures here– it’s fun for me to reflect on the stories and pictures from these experiences– and I hope my honest assessments of those experiences are useful to you if are looking for inspiration or tips while planning your own adventures. My opinions are my own!

I thought about trying to capture my top 10 destinations or something along those lines to celebrate 10 years but I just can’t do it! Plus, I would rather hear from you!

Leave me a comment– what are your top 10 favorite places or the next 10 places on your list? I’d love some recommendations I can add to mine.

Happy traveling!



3 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday, Heather’s Compass!

  1. Thank you! We are actually planning a trip to Japan this fall– my first time and I’m very excited! It’s awesome you may be able to visit your friends–nice to catch up and explore together!

  2. Jean Hayes

    I can’t believe you have been sending updates for 10 years!!!! Keep up the good work! Love, Grandma

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  3. Happy 10th Birthday, Heather! I don’t think I can name the next 10 places I’d like to visit, as my list changes all the time – but I’m hoping, soon, to visit some friends who recently moved to Japan. I have a feeling it will be very different from anywhere I’ve visited previously.

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