Labor Day Drive Through the Mountains

100t3199_lucidWe spent an incredible Labor Day weekend exploring the North Cascades Pass, Winthrop and Twisp. Our last morning we woke up early, grabbed some coffee and breakfast to go from a little stand across the street from our hotel, and set off for our drive back through the Northern Cascades and home to our beloved cat.

As we were leaving town, we saw another mule deer grazing by a sign that perfectly marked the end of our adventures in Winthrop. We snapped a photo and then quietly left town.

It was a little cool and the sun was still making its way up and over the mountains, which made it the perfect day for a relaxing ride home. The mist was still hanging in the air, giving everything an earthreal tone, and it was beautiful and quiet.

There were hardly any other vehicles on the road so we enjoyed traveling at our own pace and pulling over to take a few pictures whenever the mood struck us.

It’s so interesting experiencing the sunlight on the mountains as you’re traveling in different directions. What had been incredible on our way our in the afternoon light looked completely different heading in the opposite direction in the morning. We would come around a curve and out onto a gorgeous view of the peaks piercing the sky.

I could sip on my coffee and take in the view every single day. I love the mountains.



As we made our way back over to Diablo Lake and the dams, I made Brian pull over so I could walk along the road. Probably not the safest thing to do, but there were hardly any cars. We were going too fast in the car for me to capture what I was seeing out the window.

The views were stunning, and I walked along the road snapping photos while Brian turned around and finally came back down the hill to catch up with me.

The clouds were perfectly draped over the mountains and it was so peaceful. It seemed like the entire mountain range was taking its time waking up.




As we made our final descent out of the park, we stopped at a little rest area next to a huge bridge where you could view several waterfalls.

We walked across the bridge, taking pictures back toward a huge waterfall crashing down into the gorge running out to the river. There were also some smaller falls just along the road so we walked over, Brian got his tripod out, and he spent some time taking pictures and varying the shutter speed to catch the water just right.

I wandered back across the bridge, stopping for a few last photos before making my way back to the car. It was still pretty cool out and we were finally ready to head home.

So long, Northern Cascades. See you again soon!





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