Redhead World Record Attempt in Portland

Portland is only a stone’s throw from Seattle but I haven’t visited since we moved here. Brian has been to Oregon numerous times for work, but my last visit was in 2010 when we drove the coastline from San Francisco to Seattle.

I had it on our list of things to do this spring but we’ve been pretty busy so I wasn’t sure when or how we would squeeze it in. I was hoping to plan something that worked around Brian’s schedule so he could visit customers and make the most of the trip.

The solution came from a chance email forwarded to me by a co-worker about an event in Portland May 21 called the War on Skin Cancer. The event organizers are raising awareness of skin cancer and hosting a festival full of activities like free screenings, giveaways, beer gardens, concerts and more.

Sounded interesting but what really piqued my interest was their effort to set a new world record for the greatest number of natural redheads in one place!

Corny? Maybe. But it is true that those of us with fair skin and freckles tend to burn easily and should be paying particular attention to our sun exposure levels and talking to our doctors about the appropriate screenings for skin cancer.

I’ve never been part of a world record attempt so I thought, why not? It took some convincing to get Brian’s buy-in– he’s not a redhead so he will have to entertain himself for the hour or so I’m sitting in the pen being counted– but he agreed so Portland, here we come!

One thing I have to take is a photo of me as a child proving that I’m a natural redhead.

My mom sent the following– there should be no question!


We’re going to head down early and make the most of our weekend, well beyond participating in this event. Brian will stay and see customers and I’m taking the train home so I can get back to work. I can’t wait!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Portland– what should I add to my list of things to do?

Are you a natural redhead and looking for an excuse to visit Portland? Consider joining the attempt!

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