Woodinville Whiskey Company

IMG_1668Although we’ve been to Woodinville a couple of times, we hadn’t gotten around to popping in the Woodinville Whiskey Company for a distillery tour. We hosted my inlaws for two weeks and an afternoon tour and tasting seemed like the perfect way to kick off our Labor Day weekend!

We spent the morning visiting Picnic Point Park, ate lunch at Scuttlebutt in Everett near our old temporary housing, and then finished out the afternoon in Woodinville.

The distillery was busy when we arrived and a pretty large group of us headed in and up the stairs to learn more about how the company distills its bourbon and rye.

The whole building smelled so good, and our guide was funny and informative. I enjoyed the background about one of the former Maker’s Mark distillers helping them get off the ground.

We got a glimpse at the tanks (and a few people were nearly knocked out by the smell when they stuck their heads in a little too far for a whiff!), tried some of the mash and wrapped up by the barrels. They repurpose some of their barrels to make bourbon maple syrup, which you get to try during the tasting!

Following our tour we shared a couple tastings, trying the bourbon, rye, maple syrup and their Peabody Jones vodka. We all agreed it is quite possibly the best vodka we’ve ever had– we will definitely be back for more.

The tour and tasting room had a great energy, and I look forward to taking other friends and family to Woodinville for a well-rounded tour of spirits!







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