“Word on the Street” in Everett, Washington

IMG_1697It seems like only yesterday we arrived in Everett, Washington, uprooting our home in Northeast Ohio in response to a promotion my husband could not turn down.

Along with securing temporary housing, a new car, freelance work and a realtor, we’ve spent our first few months in the Pacific Northwest exploring local communities, getting to know new friends, eating an incredible amount of delicious seafood and embracing all the changes and challenges in life that (hopefully) keep us young at heart.

It’s been a whirlwind, but each day we get a little closer to our new normal.

The next big step happens next Tuesday, when we close on our new townhouse in Lynnwood!

We’ve been looking at that neighborhood for a while, and I’m so happy to be done with the incessant house hunting. And so happy to finally retrieve our household from storage. And so happy to have a new place to decorate and transform into our home!

Now that the final move is scheduled, I’m also trying to tie up loose ends in our current hometown. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Everett, and I’ve become accustomed to walking around town to run errands, etc., which wasn’t possible where we used to live.

IMG_1668One of the activities I recently scratched off my list was a local arts exhibit that’s been in place for about a month.

The Word on the Street exhibit involves vintage typewriters that have been placed at various local businesses downtown. Each typewriter is on a unique stand that has been painted by a local artist in keeping with the written word theme. Each typewriter has a prompt, and people type out an anonymous response.

I tried waiting for the late afternoon lighting to be right (didn’t matter– the stations were often in the shadows) and set out on foot to find each of the nine typewriters and snap a few photos.

Some of the machines were more interesting to me than others, and I found some of the artistic concepts more compelling than others.

Most of the machines were in front of shops and restaurants I have not visited so I took time to peek inside and make note of ones I want to check out again with Brian.

It was fun walking around and checking out the different exhibits, and hopefully we get to go back and check out some of the shops and restaurants soon! Here are a few pictures from my wandering about:











The last one was my favorite!

2 thoughts on ““Word on the Street” in Everett, Washington

  1. Kathy Desimio

    So happy you found a home!!!!!! You are inspiring me to embrace more things right in my own backyard!!!!! Love your pics……although I’ve typed on a couple of those and it made me feel old….lol….loved it!!!!!!!

    1. Kathy, we made a concerted effort to tackle the ‘Cleveland Bucket List’ and tried to do one new thing in Northeast Ohio each month the last couple of years. For as long as we lived in NEO, we said we would try to explore our own backyard since we didn’t know if we would always live there. I guess we’re trying to do the same thing here! Here’s a link to the Cleveland Bucket List in case you need some ideas: http://www.clevescene.com/cleveland/the-cleveland-bucket-list/Content?oid=3744793

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