Chicago, Chicago

Summer birthdays.

Con: Not being able to take in a birthday treat during elementary school.
Pro: Beautiful weather and endless outdoor activities to incorporate into the celebration.
Con: Friends are on vacation and sometimes miss your party.

Ultimate Pro: Working your birthday into a week-long celebration that incorporates excellent Independence Day activities!

I am extremely lucky to have a boyfriend who understands and supports my need to dedicate at least a week to my birthday. The past four years we celebrated my birthday together, we did the following:

  • 2005:  Country Concert
  • 2006:  Wicked, Willie Nelson and Ted Nugent
  • 2007:  Lakewood, Beach and Fat Fish Blue
  • 2008:  Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN
  • 2009:  Kelly’s Island and the Sandbar

This year, we’re heading to Chicago, one of my favorite cities. I’m very excited since I haven’t been there since the fall of 2008, but I’m even more excited about taking Brian, who hasn’t been there before. I can’t wait to show him the (former) Sears Tower, Navy Pier, the W, Millennium Park and more. I am also looking forward to the fireworks shows on July 4th and having a few days away from the daily grind.

Good food, good music, good company. It’s going to be a great birthday.

Any special spots you try to hit in Chicago that we shouldn’t miss?

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