I’m Gonna Mess with Texas

Heading to San Antonio in the fall

I’ve been feeling like I’m in a travel lull lately, but plans are now underway, and I’m starting to get excited for 2010 in terms of travel. The trips are actually spread out pretty nicely so I always have something to look forward to (much needed to reduce the daily stress levels). Work travel might pick up this year given a few key clients are exhibiting at trade shows this year, but the trips with family and friends are the most anticipated.

I’m sure I’m making said family and friends crazy with all my planning and excitement, but this is what I love to do and what I would consider my most passionate hobby.

Looking forward, current plans (work and pleasure)  include:

  • April:  West Coast Trip to San Francisco, Sacramento and Napa Valley, California; Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington
  • July:  Chicago, Illinois for Independence Day and my Birthday
  • August:  TBD, Scotland, UK for a Relatives Music Recital
  • September:  Chicago, Illinois for a Client’s Trade show
  • October:  Los Angeles, California for a Client’s Trade show
  • LATEST NEWS October:  San Antonio, Texas

I’m very excited about all of these trips for a number of reasons (getting to spend a few days exclusively with the boyfriend, trying new wines and foods, revisiting favorite international hubs and exploring new professional development opportunities). Most of all, it’s just a chance to be on the road, seeing new sites, meeting new people and learning a little more about myself personally and professionally.

I’m really looking forward to the latest trip we booked to Texas because until this year, I’d never been to Texas. Now it’s worked out that I’ll probably end up going two to three times this year. This trip to San Antonio was made possible by an excellent deal I was able to take advantage of via Delta Airlines ($150/person, round-trip) and the boyfriend’s hotel points. Nothing like a relatively free weekend get-away! I’m glad we get the opportunity to do this now before lots of responsibilities set in and we run out of free time.

He has been to San Antonio before and is looking forward to showing me the Alamo, the Riverwalk and the nightlife, but we’ll be there two full days, and I’m not sure whether that will fill our time or not. Have you been to San Antonio? Any suggestions on places to eat, spots to hit?

I’m ready and willing to mess with Texas.

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