Washington Hikes: Whipple Creek

After a great weekend exploring Vancouver, Washington, we made one last stop in Clark County to check out Whipple Creek Regional Park. It was the perfect opportunity to stretch our legs before our several-hour motorcycle ride home.

There is a fair amount of parking at the trailhead but be warned – several of the trails are open to horseback riding, and the trucks and trailers take up multiple parking spaces apiece. Best to try and arrive early!

We parked the bikes, changed out of our riding gear and into our hiking shoes, and headed into the woods. Brian had a map of the trails on his phone – it was also displayed at the trailhead, but you can’t always count on that! – and we opted to complete a large loop by piecing together several different trails.

Though mostly uneventful, our hike did take us along a field of horses, by an abandoned stone mill, and through a warm meadow. There were a few other people in the woods, but overall it was quiet and peaceful.

Our loop ended up covering 2.8 miles with 275 feet of gain, and we took just over an hour to complete it. If you find yourself in Vancouver and looking for a nearby escape into nature, this is a lovely little spot!

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