Washington Hikes: Narada Falls

20190921_143629_LUCiDDuring our recent trip to Mt. Rainier we decided at the last minute to check out Narada Falls on the recommendation of my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. They had visited Mt. Rainier during their time here and said it was a nice, quick stop on the way out of the park.

They were right–the falls is just off the road between Paradise and Longmire, making it a popular spot. The parking lot was full and there were lots of people enjoying their lunches on the picnic tables near the walls overlooking the falls.

From the parking lot you can look over a stone wall and see the top of the falls and part of the trail winding through the trees. By crossing over a stone bridge to the left of the parking lot, you can make the short hike down toward the base of the falls. The short top tier of the falls flows from a stream that crosses under the bridge to the lower tier– a 159-foot horsetail falls.

The trail was muddy and wet and some people seemed to have a little difficulty navigating given the limited railing. I was happy we had on our hiking shoes!

There are a couple of viewpoints at the base–one directly across from the falls and one further down that gives you the full view of the falls and the stone bridge. As we arrived at the second viewing location, the sun came out, creating a vibrant rainbow near the base of the falls. Brian captured a great shot of it, which is at the beginning of this post.

If you find yourself at Mt. Rainier National Park and haven’t had your fill of waterfalls by the time you reach Paradise and Longmire, I suggest popping over to check out Narada Falls. This short and sweet stop is one that anyone of any age can enjoy.





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