2018 Travel Recap

This year was full of adventures– both happy and sad.

We had some incredible times traveling with and to see family and friends, we explored more areas by motorcycle than in any year prior, we visited nine states, Brian got to experience his first overnight train ride, and I went on two solo adventures.

We also had to say goodbye to friends who moved farther away, we canceled a couple of planned adventures because of west coast forest fires and my master’s degree studies, and I lost one of the best guys this world has ever known–my grandpa.

Despite all of the ups and downs throughout the year, we were able to end 2018 in Ohio celebrating the holidays with friends and family at a more leisurely pace than usual. I look forward to quietly ringing in the new year at home with Brian and Seppy, and I’m excited for some of the adventures we’re already booking for 2019 (Yosemite National Park, Calgary/Banff, Japan, and my commencement! to name a few).

Here are a few of my favorite moments from 2018.

January: Cascade Mountains, Washington


February: Sonoma, California


March: Cleveland, Ohio


April: Skagit Valley, Washington


May: Grand Coulee, Washington


June: Seattle, Washington


July: New York City, New York


August: Spokane, Washington


September: Whitefish, Montana


October: Bellville, Ohio


November: Ogden, Utah


December: Montreal, Canada


Hope you had a wonderful 2018, and I wish you happiness and adventures in 2019!

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