An Afternoon in Langley, Washington

100T4261_LUCiDThe weather can be hit or miss in the Greater Puget Sound region in March. Thankfully we had a couple of nice days these last few weekends, including the weekend we were hosting our friends from Ohio!

We chose the nicer of the days to take them over to Whidbey Island, which is easy to access via the Mukilteo ferry. We had a leisurely morning at home and set out mid-day, arriving in Clinton just as my husband’s favorite Whidbey stop was opening—Cadee Distillery.

Cadee Distillery is now a staple stop when we’re touring Whidbey Island.

We loved meeting the owner, Colin Campbell, when we first visited and learned about his Scottish ancestry and how many generations have been involved in distilling.

Although Colin wasn’t there, we heard a little about his current projects before taste-testing a variety of spirits, from vodka to gin to bourbon.

I handed off several of my tastings as I am not a huge fan of any of these spirits as a general rule, but I did enjoy the Cascadia Rye. It is not only tolerable, but actually really smooth as a standalone drink.





During our taste testing the woman helping us recommended we grab brunch at the Braeburn so that was our first stop when we arrived in Langley.

The place was fairly busy, but we only had to wait a few minutes to get our table and some incredible breakfast.

Afterward we walked next door to Sweet Mona’s to buy some chocolates (I HAD to get the dark chocolate cats!) and then across the street to Kalakala Co Mercantile for some mimosas. This place was so cute–amazing vibe and some awesome interior design, including hanging tables.

I was SO bummed to learn they are closing April 8– I’m glad we were able to stop in and experience it before it’s gone.







The sun was out as we headed back toward our car to drop off our purchases and head toward the Seawall Park.

The water was clear and although the cloud cover was heavy enough to disguise the mountains, we still had a lovely view across the sound. There were quite a few people walking around as we made our way from one end to the other along the water.



After our walk we headed to Double Bluff Brewing Company, which has been on our list but always seems to get left off the itinerary.

The tasting room is tucked down a little alley that’s easy to miss. While small inside, there is also some outdoor seating under a latticed pagoda area with a small fire pit.

It was fairly busy, but we were able to snag a small table for four inside. While Brian, Tony and Emily ordered and enjoyed their drinks, I checked out the record player and stack of albums near the front door and put on a little CSNY.

As we sat talking, the weather started to turn and it even started to rain. They brought out some leftover chocolate raspberry cake from a recent party and cut off slices for each table that was interested. It was a great place to relax and hang out over a few drinks.





It was late afternoon as we headed back toward our car by way of Sprinklz, a small ice cream shop along the main street. Brian was fascinated by Emily’s selection of a hot fudge sundae using mint chocolate chip ice cream in place of vanilla—he ordered the same and I think his idea of what defines a fudge sundae has been forever altered!

The other side of the ice cream shop was a gift shop with some arcade games, which Tony and Brian attempted to beat. Once they were out of quarters and ice cream, we were ready to head back to the mainland.


We’ve been to Whidbey Island many times, and even when we revisit the same towns, we always find something new to experience.

Langley is lovely and I know we will be back again soon!

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