Worldy Fare: Try the World Brazil

img_6938_lucidOne continent I have yet to explore is South America.

Brian and I have talked about it numerous times. We’d both love to:

  • climb Machu Picchu
  • experience the Amazon rainforest
  • see Christ the Redeemer
  • explore Moray and the other Inca ruins
  • and much more!

It’s also the jumping off point for guided journeys to Antarctica; another adventure that’s relatively high on both of our bucket lists.

My latest Try the World box brought a little taste of South America to us. It features treats from Brazil and came with a beautifully designed card by an artist from that country.

There were eight items inside and instructions for using them to make meals and treats like Chicken and Beef Churrasco, Pao de Queijo (a cheesy bread), Romeu and Julieta (a sweet and savory appetizer), Brigadeiro (a tea cookie), as well as some cocktail and coffee staples.

I love getting these boxes full of goodies, learning a little more about the featured country, and trying some new recipes for meals I’ve never experienced.

I can’t wait to try out some of these Brazilian dishes and eventually make my way to Brazil!







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