Coffee Roastery and Museum in Hamburg

IMG_4675_LUCiDOne of my favorite finds in Hamburg, Germany was the Kaffee Museum in the Warehouse District, known as Speicherstadt. Brian and I discovered it one of our first days while wandering around but it was after hours and already closed for the day.

I decided to check it out after returning from a day trip one afternoon while Brian was busy at his work conference. He doesn’t like coffee so I knew he wouldn’t miss out, and of course I took a bunch of pictures so I could fill him in later!

The place is very low key outside– we almost didn’t see it. We only noticed it because there was this neat crate on the ground outside the door with HAG Kaffee on the side.

The inside is fairly large. You walk in up some stairs into a little shop, and behind that opens into a cafe area. A bar runs along the left-hand wall and there’s seating on the left–everything from bigger tables to overstuffed chairs and sofas.

In the very back is another tasting area with a working roastery. They do tastings and a tour of the different beans and techniques. The museum is a floor below.

There were quite a few people there, including two groups who were finishing a tasting. I sat at the bar within view of the roastery and ordered a cappuccino.

It was perfect, and after I was finished I roamed around and took a few pictures. I also stopped in the store and bought some chocolate treats and some coffee grounds to take home.

If you enjoy coffee, I recommend taking a break from your sight-seeing and popping in! It’s great if you’re interested in learning about coffee, if you want a hit of java, or if you’re looking to relax with a friend for a few hours of chatting and people watching.








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