Mercer Island and Luther Burbank Park

IMG_1599We had another weekend of fantastic weather in Seattle, and our activities were perfectly aligned with a day at the beach and a day at Seafair.

All of our worldly possessions are in storage so we had to make a quick Walmart run to collect beach towels, sandals and picnic snacks in preparation for our relaxing, day-long birthday BBQ with friends at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island. I can’t wait until we have our things back and can meet friends without having to take stock of our belongings!

Although the day was relaxing, we were under a bit of pressure to arrive at the park on time. The Blue Angels were performing for Seafair and the local freeways were shut down for several hours in the middle of the day for the performance. We made it to the island a comfortable amount of time before access was cut off and then had nothing to do but relax and have fun until the bridges reopened later in the day.

Saturday was sunny and hot so it was the perfect day to spend on the beach. It was my first time on Mercer Island, and I can see the attraction, both in terms of location to downtown and Bellevue as well as the beautiful views of Lake Washington.

There was heavy boat traffic throughout the day, especially once the airshow ended, so we enjoyed some pretty sizable waves while we were swimming.  We also caught parts of the Seafair airshow as the planes circled around the island, which was a nice teaser for our upcoming day at the festival!

We spent most of our time finding spots in the shade and jumping in the water so we didn’t take too many pictures, but I included a few below.

Great food, great friends and a great day. I even ended up with a few more freckles and the faintest of tan lines– summer success!





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