Resolutions Down, Happiness Up!

Officially a member of Partners, Playhouse Square
Officially a member of  Playhouse Square Partners

Since we’re a couple weeks into the New Year I decided to take initial stock of how I’m doing with my resolutions. In every day life, if I don’t start off on the right foot, I sometimes have difficulty getting myself pumped up to get back on track.

Hence my affinity for doing things correctly the first time.

Hence my not-so-endearing personality conundrum of striving for perfection.

Luckily for everyone involved, I’m off to a good start. As I’m knocking some resolutions down, I’m definitely seeing my happiness level rise. There is almost nothing I like more than crossing items off my ‘to do’ list.

I started off with some fun, feel good ones. I’ll work my way up to the ones that require more time, planning, funding and dedication. Although I’m happy to say I’m at least laying the ground work for some of those in month one of 2013.

To recap my first two resolutions:

2013 Resolutions

I started off by signing up for Playhouse Square Partners and received my membership information in the mail a couple weeks ago. I’m very excited about the new discounts I can take advantage of as well as the new updates and information I’ll be receiving from Partners, but I’m especially excited to have the opportunity to join one of the Partners committees. There are several related to communications and event planning, which most people would probably expect me to pick given my background and profession, but I think I want to push myself to do something different.

There is an education committee that works on programs that are a little more external, including activities to help raise funds for children to have better access to theatre programming. It sounds fun but also a little more cause-driven than putting together social activities for the members of Partners. I am going to think about it this weekend and send in my final decision Monday.

I also got us memberships to the Cleveland Zoological Society, which also has some volunteer/philanthropic opportunities I need to look into, but my true reasoning was for the awesome year-long passes to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo! We have been talking about going for almost eight years and when the weather got nice a couple weekends ago, we finally went.

Along with half of the state of Ohio.

But it was really fun! We only did about half of the Zoo–it was really nice just wandering around, taking our time and enjoying the animals. I’m looking forward to ongoing visits to see the other exhibits as well as a day we can just hang out in the Rain Forest, which I haven’t done since elementary school.

Here are a few photos from our lovely day at the Zoo.









I think 2013 is off to an excellent start, and I’m feeling good about having marked down substantial efforts toward my goals.

Next up on the resolution agenda, the CIFF and booking our room for the Dublin Irish Festival! Hope you’re having a successful start to the new year too!

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