2012 Travel Recap

I wasn’t sure I would have much to show for a travel recap in 2012 given we’re on a spending freeze as we continue to save money for our wedding and honeymoon in September 2013. It seems like I haven’t been on an adventure in years, and I can’t wait to book our honeymoon so I can start putting together thoughts and ideas for the places we’ll visit and the sites we’ll see as well as imagine the people we’ll meet and the cultures we’ll experience.

But after looking back through my posts, I realized I traveled more than I originally thought, and I also accomplished a goal I established earlier in the year to really take some time to explore locally. Although initially hard to comes to terms with, I did gain an appreciation that an adventure doesn’t always have to entail traveling to a foreign country or even another state. Sometimes it just means getting outside your home and comfort zone to experience something–anything–new.

So rather than just a travel recap for 2012, I also consider this an adventure recap. We don’t know if we’ll always live in Ohio, or even in the United States, so every opportunity to explore is truly an adventure and every new experience is a trip to be remembered.

January: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada


February: Streetsboro, Ohio


March: Cleveland, Ohio

Brian and I decked out at the Cleveland St. Patty's Day parade

April: New York City, New York

We popped up to the top of the Empire State Building, despite warnings from workers that it would be hard to see much through the fog. We only had one day so there's wasn't a choice, plus it was still a cool view.

May: Cleveland, Ohio (East Side)


June: Lakeside/Marblehead, Ohio


July: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

View of Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington

August: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

View from the Jekll's Kitchen side of the falls.

September: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


October: Hartville, Ohio

Harvest display outside Maize Valley Winery

November: Columbus, Ohio


December: Cleveland, Ohio (West Side)


From getting engaged, to saying good-bye to loved ones, to acquiring our first pet, to enjoying the arts, to planning our wedding, to making new friends, to trying new foods, to having all kinds of new adventures, 2012 has been full of excitement and change.

I know the New Year is going to be all of that and more, and with the right perspective, I know I’ll be having all kinds of new adventures. Happy New Year’s Eve!

One thought on “2012 Travel Recap

  1. Michael Bing

    You have been busy this week, updating your blog! Always fun and enjoyable to read. Will try to print and take to Auntie tomorrow. We are going to take her to lunch for New Years. Scott made it back, but always an adventure. Because he did not use the Chicago to Cols. portion of the first flight, they cancelled his return flight. Had to get him back on in Cols and for his inconvenience, let him ship his bag free! Anyway, landed in Wasau and it was 16 degrees. Nala did fine and said he was lounging on the couch for the evening. Have a wonderful evening and let us know how that beautiful restaurant is!



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