Geographically Challenged

My high school did not offer a geography class. I was pretty familiar with the United States anyway, thanks to annual vacations all over the place with my family, but I still doubt I could have named all of the state capitals. I certainly can’t do it today.

While my U.S. geography was adequate, my world geography was down-right embarrassing. It wasn’t until I started visiting other countries that I started learning about their cultures, locations on the map and capital cities. Traveling to see them has also made them more interesting in books I read, stories others tell me, etc. I have a great visual. I love that. So when I am learning about a place I’ve not been, it just makes me want to go there and experience it first-hand all the more.

However, my world travels have only taken me across four continents and just less than 30 countries, so my knowledge is still very limited. And to me that’s not acceptable. I should not be puzzling over a country name wondering if it’s in Africa v. South America.

But as much as I like to learn and read, I’m not terribly interested in sitting in front of my globe with my laptop handy working my way through every part of the world.

I am, however, into brain games, so when the fiance found me the TravelPod Traveler IQ challenge, I quickly became obsessed!

You can select which area of the world you want to test and the questions get progressively more difficult as you go. And there’s a time component so you have to move quickly.

I have to admit–after hours of playing, I do start to feel less geographically challenged. And I want to hit the road and see some of the sites and cities mentioned.

Check it out and let me know how you do!

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