Walk the Line, Tow the Path

Mile Marker 22

The weather finally warmed up enough that we had to get out and enjoy a few rays of sunshine. We took our roomie/friend/pseudo-child to the Tow Path for an afternoon walk, parking and entering in Penisula.

I love accessing the path in Penisula on days like this where it’s exciting to be around other people who are active and enjoying the weather.

It’s a pretty busy entry point– always fun trying to find a parking spot back by the train tracks– but you get to see a number of interesting people walking, running, biking, with kids, with pets, etc.

We headed north and ended up seeing more animals than I expected. Apparently they were into catching some sun as well.

Spot the goose and turtles!

Under the Bridge

We were actually extremely hot by the time we we through walking to mile marker 22 and back (i.e. not very far). Unfortunately, and per usual, the Winking Lizard was packed with an hour plus wait so we headed back home.

There are a number of things to do in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, many of which are still on my list. From themed train rides (the one tasting one is definitely happening this fall!) to bird watching to local Farmers’ Markets, I hope we move closer to the parks, trails and great outdoors.

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