Travel for Work: Wausau

Mosinee, Wisc.

The first work trip of 2011 took me back to Mosinee and Wausau, Wisc., to visit my one out-of-state client. The weather was MUCH colder than the last time I visited.

The client warned my boss and I ahead of time that we would experience weather in the negative temperature range without the help of a wind chill, and that was not an exaggeration.

The rental car read -12 degrees Fahrenheit the first morning we headed to their offices. It was like being hit in the lungs every time we walked out of a building.

I’m pretty well accustomed to temperature extremes thanks to the ever-changing Ohio weather, but I quickly learned that a 4 degree high in Ohio is not the same as a 4 degree high in Wisc. The air is so clear and crisp and there’s very little cloud cover, which apparently translates into bone-numbing temperatures this time of year!

In addition to successful work-related meetings, we had some really nice dinners in downtown Wausau. The first night we headed to Back When Cafe for a wonderful dinner– I had a chicken dish with mushrooms and artichokes, and as we waited for everyone to arrive, I snapped a few photos of the main lobby/bar area on my phone.

It was a little like a lodge, and I know my boyfriend would have appreciated the atmosphere. The second night we headed to Great Dane Pub, a popular microbrewery where I feasted on bangers and mash. Delicious!

Each time I’ve visited, we’ve had exceptional food. I’m willing to put up with the weather for good eats!

Back When Cafe lobby
Back When Cafe taxidermy

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