Asking Why in Wyoming

I thought, and hoped, autumn was in full swing. It’s my favorite season for a number of reasons:

  • Hoodies
  • Fairs/festivals
  • Leaves changing color
  • Crisp mornings

Just to name a few.

However, last night I had to turn on the heat in my apartment. Somehow I went straight from running the A/C to my current state without the couple glorious months in between where I get to wear a sweatshirt/sandals combo. Where I’m comfortable walking outside with a cup of coffee but no coat. I immediately started bemoaning the fact that the Ohio weather went straight from summer to winter without my favorite season actually coming into full effect as I had hoped.

I changed my mind and my attitude this morning after Brian sent me a picture of what he witnessed after leaving his hotel to head out to the job site in Wyoming.

Snow?! I was literally shocked for a moment while my brain came to terms with the fact that the white and powdery is probably not too far off for northeast Ohio as well. I even heard a rumor that a few people at work had a thin layer of frost on their vehicles today– perish the thought.

I’m glad my apartment is a moderate 68 degrees without the heat on. I’ll grab a blanket and book and be thankful that while I’m slightly chilly, the view from my window is still tempered with an autumnal color palate.

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